Kahn Tools

No website; company closed in 2015.

Kahn Tools was an online e-commerce-based distributor that exclusively represented American made industrial products. Today’s global economy forces domestic manufacturers to compete in an unfair marketplace. By adopting an “American-only” policy, Kahn Tools proudly supported American manufacturers and businesses.

I created this brand from the ground up, developed its look and feel and crafted the messaging to reflect its American made paradigm.

I was proud to take this company from its inception to a thriving business model. The owner Mark Kahn ultimately decided to close its doors, but this unique business made a tremendous impact in its model and messaging.

My duties and responsibilities included:

  • Overseeing all marketing activities for the company including: demand generation marketing strategies, communications and PR, social media, print and digital advertising, SEO, SEM and PPC, outdoor advertising, video advertising, website (Magento) and related analytics, creative design, video production, collateral development, trade shows, and reseller channel marketing.
  • Managed pay-per-click (PPC) and organic campaigns to improve conversion and increase ROI, utilizing Google AdWords, Google Analytics and third-party vendors.
  • Guided and motivated a small team of highly dedicated, creative and talented marketing professionals. Mentored and managed team growth structure and evaluated performance.
  • Worked directly with CEO to develop appropriate marketing strategies to launch new products and services, increase brand awareness, and increase high-quality lead generation to meet annual goals.
  • Created an annual marketing plan with associated budget and estimated revenue projections.
  • Defined marketing metrics and KPIs to measure all aspects of marketing, e.g. campaign effectiveness, ROI, and overall marketing performance.
  • Reviewed and approved copy, messaging and design to ensure they effectively and consistently represent Kahn Tools’s products, image and brand.
  • As a member of the executive management team, offered feedback and ideas for website development, business strategy, company growth, culture and team development.
  • Participated in board meetings to present marketing strategies and share performance metrics.
  • Worked with business and technology partners on co-marketing and co-branding initiatives.

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