Diablo Immersive (formerly Diablo Sound)


Diablo Immersive (formerly Diablo Sound) is a live entertainment design and project management service company that specializes in sound design, show control, and large project management for theme parks, cruise ships, theatre, corporate, immersive, and experiential clients. They also provide sound equipment rentals in the Los Angeles area.

My journey with Diablo began many years ago, when I designed their original logo. The owner Drew Dalzell wanted a playful logo to go with the whimsical name for his company. I established the branding with a guide that is still used to this day.

I’m proud to say the headphones with a horn and tail became synonymous with excellent problem solving and technical know-how in the event vertical. Companies like Universal , Marvel Studios, Warner Bros, Feld Entertainment, and Nickelodeon have used Diablo Sound for more than two decades.

When Saturn Creative began offering on-going marketing services, Diablo was the first to sign up. Our professional relationship grew, until Drew Dalzell offered me role with his company. I supported the company for more than 3 years. We weathered COVID-19 together, as we moved the production offices from Pasadena to Valencia, CA.

As the Director of Operations, I provided corporate oversight and am responsible for business growth.

My other duties and responsibilities at Diablo included:

  • Overseeing, researching, and implementing all marketing efforts
  • Overseeing, researching, and implementing new directives for business growth and prosperity
  • Using my analytical skills and gained experience to evaluate data, and together with the President, make operational decisions
  • Overseeing employee productivity, together with the President
  • Overseeing departmental budgets
  • Overseeing project quotes
  • Overseeing staff management, as it pertains to profitability
  • Overseeing department supervision, as it pertains to profitability
  • Developing and implementing guidelines for employee evaluations, recruitment, and promotion

As the company has evolved, so has its quirky identity. Diablo Sound is rebranding as Diablo Immersive, which far better describes their company’s offerings. I’m excited to be a part of the company’s rebrand as well. Their new emoji-style icon should soon be as popular as the old bedeviled headphones.

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