Hi, I’m James, a Creative and Marketing Director.

Welcome to my professional portfolio. Who am I? I’m a creative creature, a marketing man, a directing dude, a scientific skeptic, a gregarious geek, and a proud papa. Let’s make a connection.

Over 20 positive recommendations on LinkedIn

Some of the many video projects I’ve directed and/or produced over the years.

I’ve been hired by creative, immersive, event, entertainment, and print companies.

About Me

I’ve happily been directing creative projects since 2008.

Since my days as an Art Director with Weiser Creative Group in Westlake Village, I’ve won multiple Addy Awards, managed hundreds of projects, and have enjoyed many valued relationships with peers, clients, and vendors.

20 +

Positive recommendations on LinkedIn

1000 +

Projects completed

25 +

Addy Awards with Weiser Creative Group in 2009-2010

My Resumé


As a creative director, I believe my primary responsibility is to guide the creative vision and direction of a project, campaign, or organization.

For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a creative director is the ability to see a project evolve from initial concept to final product. This process involves brainstorming ideas, conducting research, and collaborating with team members to develop a strategy that aligns with the client’s goals and objectives. It can be challenging to balance the creative vision with the practical considerations of budget, timeline, and resources, but it’s ultimately very rewarding to see the end result of your hard work.

As a creative director, I try to be a strong communicator and supportive leader. I believe I can effectively communicate ideas and vision to the team, while also listening to their feedback and incorporating their ideas into the final product. A good creative director must also be able to provide guidance and direction to the team, helping them stay on track and focused on the project’s goals.

Overall, being a creative director is a challenging but rewarding job that requires a combination of creativity, leadership, and communication skills. It’s a role that allows me to make a significant impact on the creative industry while helping clients achieve their goals and objectives.

A3 Visual (formerly AAA Flag & Banner)

Director of Marketing & Creative (2022 – 2023)

Diablo Immersive (formerly Diablo Sound)

Director of Operations
(2018 – 2022)

Saturn Creative

Creative Director / Owner (2010 – 2018)

Casting Networks

Senior Director of Marketing (2016 – 2017)

Kahn Tools

Director of Marketing (2013 – 2015)

Weiser Creative Group

Art Director (2008 – 2010)

My Skill Sets

Areas of Expertise

My experience is broad and varied, including creative direction, brand development, brand messaging, marketing strategies, graphic design, photo editing, video editing, content development, copywriting, and more. Here are some solid headliners:


Positioning, identity, voice, messaging, experience, and loyalty. These brand elements excite and delight me. Really.


Creative direction and development; I will create, plan, and deliver the project with a cohesive visual and thematic style.


Measuring ROI, understanding customer behavior, improving campaign effectiveness, and predictive modeling.


I can help differentiate your company in a crowded marketplace, build brand equity, and drive long-term growth.


The Work

This is what you came to see, amiright?

Thanks for getting to know me a little first, I appreciate it. I have a deep portfolio of previous work, but I’ve tried to tell my story by showing samples from my time at previous companies. Enjoy.

My Testimonials

The Nice Things They Say

“James is the consummate gentleman full of wit and charm, which makes him great with clients. He is never short on ideas and he does an excellent job of translating them into well thought out design concepts whether for print or interactive. I would highly recommend him as a core member of a creative team who value talent with fresh ideas, professionalism and a good sense of humor.”

David Adams

Design Director at Disney

“During my time working with James, I felt a great sense of leadership and strategic thinking from him that would have otherwise been lacking within the organization and department. His enthusiasm around projects and level of engagement across all aspects of work was motivating for the entire team. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him across a variety of marketing and creative initiatives, and know he provides immense value to any organization.”

Maggie Sfingi

Founder Partner / Head of Growth Strategy at Merakite

Ready to chat? Great. Meet me on Zoom. Or in person!

Remember when we used to do this in person? Good times.

My Blog

Latest Articles

I don’t know if anyone will read my ramblings, but I’ll try to post some bon mots from time to time.

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